For the purchase of equipment for the production of crystal clear ice blocks.
    For each order - 10 pcs boxes for ice blocks and 50 pcs of plastic liners for free!
    inquiries / orders : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    We are specialized in the production of ice blocks for ice sculptures art becoming more and more fashionable. We produce big ice blocks which are later used by artists and ice madness fans all over the world. Our technical abilities as well as experience result in growing number of ice hobby enthusiasts. As the only producer in Poland, we offer ice vessels and ice bars to be used for sophisticated catering purposes. We co-operate with the Department of Sculpturing of the University of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Read More
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    We also offer: different size and shape of ice cubes, large ice cubes, balls of ice, ice glasses, crushed ice and dry ice and other ice products... If you are a retailer you may be interested in our retail sales network and if you would like to become our business partner, we encourage you to contact us. Read More
  • We create ice in any form

    It’s our great pleasure to introduce you to our offer of packed ice cubes and dry ice for catering and other purposes. Our products will fulfill your wide range of needs and find use in many ways. Crystal clear and additionally purified deep-water processed into solid ice crystals makes our products both useful and aesthetic. Modern and fully automated production line along with a modern production technology ensures that our products have competitive prices. Read More
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Welcome to our website. We invite you to a deeply frozen world of ICE ART!

Ice Art Výroba ledu

Ice Art Výroba ledu

Our partner since 2009

Ice Queen

Ice Queen

We are also in Germany, so check us out!

And visit our Ice Queen funpage!

Ledene Skulpture Rismondo s.p.

Ledene Skulpture Rismondo s.p.

distributor of ice blocks



Producer and distributor of ice cubes

Ice Emergency Warsaw

ICE ART Warszawa

Producer and distributor of ice cubes

602 701 700

Wiosenna promocja na zakup sprzętu do produkcji bloków lodu!

Przy zakupie maszyny 10 pudeł na bloki oraz 50 wkładek gratis.

Zamówienia / zapytania: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.