What’s with the ice?

Before using refrigerators became popular in our houses, food products had been stored in chunks of ice. And by the way, refrigerators and artificial ice are not a new invention. The first artificial ice was made as soon as in 1755 by William Cullen, a Scottish physician and chemist. It was also him who came up with the idea for cooling technology used in refrigerators till now. It is easy to calculate that 2005 was a 250th anniversary of the invention of artificial ice. As the years were passing, the ice became a product that is as necessary as bread. The only food product that is more important than bread is water. And water only differs from ice in its temperature. The better water we have, the better ice we get.

Well, we, as consumers, are really worried about the quality of water that we get to use (and in most cases it is simply a pipe water from a city water intake system). If we do not trust the quality of water in our taps, how can we believe the quality of the “frozen water” that is made of it?

Ice made this way has the flavour and smell of the water used to produce it. It is not very clear and absorbs all smells from our home freezers, where the ice is made. Such “strange” ice won’t even last long enough to cool the thing you are drinking. It will melt completely and change the flavour of a drink.

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So what can be done?

You can trust ice production experts!

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