• The Carving Block Maker produces a CRYSTAL CLEAR block of ice for sculptures. A pleasure for the carver to work with and a delightful product for your customer.
  • Each machine will produce two ice blocks every 3 – 4 days
  • For special effects, freezing flowers, wedding vows, or just about anything imaginable into the block of ice.


  • Cabinet dimensions: 1300mm W x 1300mm D x 1000mm H
  • Cabinet weight with condensing unit: 260 kg
  • Cabinet is constructed of galvanized steel
  • Circulating pump: 200 W/ 1/50Hz (180- 230 V) Export
  • Each chamber holds  150 l  of water
  • Air-Comp CMS26FB3N -  230 V 600 W


maszyna do produkcji blokw lodu  IMG 26671  carving ice block


  • First on the market - designed specifically for chefs, gastronomy, catering etc.
  • This Ice Block Maker produces a CRYSTAL CLEAR block of ice.
  • Through the use of new technological solutions in defrosting system you can pull out ready ice block within 10 minutes
  • We have applied an innovative system for pulling the finished ice blocks – without hoist
  • The blocks of ice are frozen in a plastic liner Each machine will produce one block of ice in approximately 3 days.

Single series specifications:

  • Cabinet is constructed of stainless steel 
  • Cabinet dimensions: 1200mm W x 700mm D x 1200mm H (with wheels)
  • Cabinet weight with condensing unit: 80 kg
  • Circulating pump: 200 W/ 1/50Hz (180- 230 V) Export
  • Condensing unit – Cubigel MP14FB Air compressor (R404A)
  • Chamber holds 150 l of water

maszyna horeca  ice maker  carving ice block