Ice events in the Igloo

We also organise complex events in rounded, spherical tent of a shape similar to that of an igloo, with a surface of around 100 m2, which can be equipped with:

  • ice stage design (ice sculptures or walls),
  • ice furniture (tables in the shape of ice cubes, ice coffee tables, ice buffet, ice bar, sofas, armchairs, beds, etc.),
  • ice vessels (bowls, coolers, filters, glasses, stemware, candle holders, vases, fire geysers),
  • live ice attractions (contests including the use of ice, e.g. when the key to the prize is frozen in ice or with alcohol bottles to be taken from ice using different tools, while counting the time, ice sculpting workshops, live demonstrations of ice sculpting),
  • big ice product sculptures (e.g. a real-size car),
  • ice blocks with objects inside them (such as flowers, bottles, plush toys, fruit, vegetables, laminated photos, etc.),
  • real snow.

Additionally, we can provide visual personnel:

  • Santa Claus and real reindeers,
  • The Snow Queen,
  • Snow Maidens — hostesses / dancers,
  • Flair bartenders to serve in an ice bar and performs flair shows.