Ice sculptures, ice carving

We offer ice sculptures that will make each event, campaign, or party for a long time will go down in the memory of your guests.

They are original, remarkable and very elegant form of decoration for any other event:

a wedding, communion, birthday, bachelorette / bachelor party, anniversary, etc.

In addition to the decoration can also be any usable form, eg. Pater, stand for bottles, candlestick, vase, cooler, etc.

In this form of ice can engrave logo in color, caption or freeze gadget.

Ice sculptures are created individually for each client by artists - sculptors of ice blocks with standard dimensions 100x50x25cm and weight about 125kg

Blocks of ice we can freely combine into larger spatial forms.

Sculpture of 1 block thanks to a special freezing process at room temperature remains unchanged about 8 hours.

All decorations with ice indoors are set in trays with protective ground water drainage system, and LED lighting in the selected color

Final price of ice sculptures are dependent on the project