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Ice is one of the most popular and spectacular ways to improve your party, happening or introduction of a new product. Your customers will be delighted and will remember it for a long time.

Why is that? Because ice is a perfect sculpting material - you can do almost anything with it and freeze almost anything inside.

Ice is also a very dynamic material as its surface is changing constantly. When it melts, it gives a unique appearance over and over again. However in certain conditions it can retain its shape for a very long time. With special lighting added, we can get amazing effects.

Below you can find some examples of ice installations. More examples of our carvers' work can be found in menu ICE ART Products on the right side or in our portfolio.

Additional information:
All sculptures are put onto special dishes with water drainage. On special requests we can provide dedicated lighting. Pricing for complex events is individual and negotiable depending on the order’s details. Prices do not include 22% VAT. For more information, please contact us.