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  • How big are the blocks used to create your sculptures? +

    105 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm

  • How much time does it take to make one block of ice? +

    About 4-5 days.

  • How much water is needed to produce one block of ice? +

    About 150 litres.

  • How much do your blocks of ice weigh? +

    About 125 kg each.

  • How is it possible that your blocks are crystal clear? +

    There are a few ways to achieve it. Unfortunately none of them is easy, and they require special machinery. First, you need to slow down the freezing process. Proper preparation of the water that is used in the production of ice is also important. Water is filtrated to eliminate all pollution, both visible and invisible to the human eye. Then, the freezing process itself differs a little from the usual production of ice. We freeze the future ice block only from its bottom and not from all sides, as it is usually practiced in traditional freezers. What is more, the water being frozen is moving at all times during the process. As you can see, ice block production is not that simple at all.

  • Where are your sculptures created? +

    It depends. They are usually made in the cold store, where the temperature is stable and equals -12°C, as we deliver a ready-made project to the client. Of course, it is more entertaining on the venue and during the party, but not everybody wants to wait till the sculpture is finished.

  • What kind of tools do you use to create sculptures in ice? +

    To give the block some coarse shapes, we use chain saws and grinding machines. Then we add the details, for which we use chisels, scrapers, and saws. To finish-off and polish the sculpture we use the simplest tool possible, which is water.

  • How long does it take to make a sculpture? +

    The time of making a sculpture varies between one hour (in the case of a very easy design, e.g. a mini iceberg) to a few months, at best. It all depends on the complexity and the amount of sculptures needed. Generally, we actually need around 6 hours to create one sculpture out of a 1-metre block.

  • Do you use moulds to cast your sculptures? +

    No. All our sculptures are hand-made.

  • Can you place my company’s logo in/on ice? +

    Yes, and we can do this in a few ways. We can engrave it in a milky ice, we can freeze the logo inside the ice, on a foil, also in colour, or simply make a sculpture of it. Please, call us, if you would like your logo in ice with a use of different method.

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