Packed ice

We are the only company in Poland to be a member of the prestigious International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) and the founder of European Packaged Ice Association (EPIA). .


IPIA and EPIA quality mark on the package of ice ensures that its production process meets the highest standards: as a fundamental rule, in these processes filtrated water from deep well water intake and non-contact packaging methods are used. You no longer have to look for ice, as we can offer all what’s the best in the industry: various sizes of ice cubes made of crystal clear spring water! To feel the flavour of a properly cooled fantastic drink, just add a cube of our ice and enjoy the moment!

Packed ice - IPIAPackaged ice — IPIA packaged ice (i.e. ice in cubes, XXL ice cubes, crushed ice, and innovative ice glasses) is our main product intended mostly for culinary industry, food and off-licence shops, event organisers, but also for all customers who care about the highest quality of ice they consume. With all technology used in production, our ice does not have any flavour or smell, stays solid for longer periods of time, preserving original aroma of the drink, and perfectly cools the drinks without watering them down.

Please, keep in mind that ice in drinks is also food!