Large ice cubes

Designer ice will appeal especially to premium liquor drinkers.

We introduce the first major development in cubed ice technology in years - the ice cube XXL. Traditional cubed ice will water down a fine scotch whiskey or premium liquor very quickly but the new crystal clear large ice cubes XXL solves the problem.

Liquor is poured onto the cube and settles at the bottom of the glass. As the liquor is sipped, it passes around the ice cube XXL cooling down on the way to your mouth.

The cube is extremely hard and melts slowly. As it does, the cube shrinks and still retains the perfect shape.

There is a prestige factor too, as customers who drink from a glass filled with large ice cube will be recognized as fine liquor connoisseurs.

So why spoil a fine scotch with lousy cubed ice?

Package of 18 XXL cubes – EUR 6,00


  • In 24 hours we are able to produce 10 tons of such ice.
  • XXL ice cubes may only by bought in multipacks.
  • For wholesale discounts up to 50%

Other information:

  • Expiration date: 24 months.
  • Storage temperature: -5°C
  • EAN code printed on the package.
  • VAT 8 %

 Large ice cubes   Large ice cubes