ANTARCTICA kaptur termoizolacyjny

Ice block pallet covers ANTARCTICA

The cover that guarantees maximum thermal insulation

Thanks to its special multilayer structure with three insulating chambers, Antarctica guarantees optimal thermal insulation.

Antarctica covers provide protection when high-quality perishable goods are handled in uncontrolled temperatures or held in uncontrolled environments.

Antarctica’s ductility also makes it suitable for medium/long journeys in unconditioned vehicles or for mixed cargos (goods sensitive to different temperatures travelling on the same vehicle).

Internal and external reflecting surfaces guarantee the same degree of protection against thermal shocks caused by excessive heat or excessive cold. The insulating layers are assembled to ensure softness and flexibility.


  • 2x Met. PET + VTR + PLT
  • 2x Cotton Wool PES
  • 2x Met. PET
  • 1x Expanded PE

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