Snow production - freezing snow & artificial snow

It is not a mistake, nor a joke. We also offer freezing snow, if you want a ski jumping hill in your town, even though it is summer and the mountains are far away. No problem, we will take care of snow in summer. We can supply as much white snow as one can possibly want. Igloo or a snowboard ramp needed? Or maybe you just want to make a snowman in the middle of summer? Leave it to us, we will take care of everything. We use technologies that allows us to produce snow even in temperatures up to 35°C.

Aside from real snow, we also offer artificial snow, made of polymer powder and water, which does not melt and is not cold, but visually looks just like a real snow. This magical product is especially recommended for interior design and decoration (for shop windows and in malls), for studio photo sessions, promotion actions, and as a gadget for the companies that want to surprise their clients with an original gift.