Snow blocks

Impress your clients, guests, or friends with real snow!

New product with endless possibilities of application. It can be used:·        

  • to build a snow bar, slide or a real igloo,
  • to create snow sculptures,
  • as a beverage standing cooler or a garden table,
  • to serve snacks, straight from a snowy table worktop,
  • to advertise product; the block can be painted different colours, and a company logo can be sculpted or painted on it,
  • in a play — used as a chest with a hidden treasure inside to be found.

Product description:

Snow produced of a crystal clear potable water with no additional ingredients. Snow blocks are delivered in refrigerated vehicles on euro pallets. In the treatment of snow sharp spades, chisels, or mechanically powered saws, as the snow is strongly compressed.

Block dimensions:
175 x 75 x 118 (height/length/width)
placed on euro pallet; secured with a foil

Euro pallet dimensions:
190 x 80 x 120 cm (height/length/width)

Weight: 680 kg

Price: PLN 1200/item (net)

Additional services:

  • Drilling holes for bottles
    • Version 1: Ø 8 cm, depth 20 cm
    • Version 2: Ø 6 cm, depth 10 cm
  • Inserting chosen gadget inside the block